Run For Your Desires

Like the Wind

You have to run for your desires. You can run towards them too, it’s always helpful to work the directional, but when you run, run for them. Forget the “burden” of the run. When you are running for life, you are your energy. Crave that which invigorates your soul.

Utilize your skills.

Communication is the key to success and understanding. Always searching for new means and types of communication extend your ability for thought and consequently action. It can be calming and safe to remain in our heads, but by versatility of expression, you expand the limits of your sight, and the inquiries you are able to explore. Of the energy you can filter. What is life but energy?

Stimulate yourself with the energy of others. Feel the filters of energy.

Note: Eventually, there will be an aside about the modern picture of productive releases and their buzzing yet numbing abilities, further touching on benefits and deficiencies. In particular to the later, the tolerance of the repetitive. Satisfactory loops.

In the Case of Flowers, Fear Not

Regardless of the extremities, flowers are a fantastic example.


I know not one emotion more beautiful than that which comes from a timeless heartbeat.

Moving right along though, if you care for a sweet love song pull up Straight A’s on your Netflix account and skip to minute 43. Listen for two minutes.

Reality Check


Always Dance In Your Dreams:

Never Accept


Moving Towards the Point of Origin

Retain the ability to give yourself a reality check, whatever that reality may be.


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