Theoretical Magnitudes

Materialism and Synthetic Finance: A Philosophical Disquisition
Part II (Introduction)

With the emergence of synthetic finance, comes the cessation of an essentialism that has rested central to historical materialism prior to its genesis. Crassly, the essence is the feedstock to what is historically material. Until its point of origin (the cessessation, that is), the activity of each human rested on a premise of historical materialist significance. (The lineage of this discourse follows a theoretical political history of economics.) The notion of production from the reality of the Earth, via an essence of the human spirit, human will, human labor-power, for the conversion of value and the means to materiality and therefore life sustained, has a taken a diametric turn as there now exists a mechanics that upholds a dynamic economics. This realization produces the object(s) necessary for a new theoretico-politico-historico passage to the definition and process of value-creation and accumulation. Off-exchange trading extends the perception of value as a product of labor exchanged with time, from a two-dimensional model, to an unlimited multi-dimensional design. It is the processes of production that define the creation of value. This differs from historical models and theories of economic value in that the quality of the system and the ability of its processes to be quantized lie in the system’s ability to originate and replicate ex nihilo and ad infinitum. The introduction and practice of the synthetic financial market has lead to a moment that transcends that of the historical materialist and while this multiplicity has replaced the bi-dependent essence literally essential to this discourse, it illustrates a conception that imagines loosening the invariance requirements of a manifold to the nth-dimension. This realization is the means to the mode and discussion of a new theory of economic value, which in its capacity has the strength to transform political histories from dormant discourses into active, evolving, present moments of movement. The quantification and accumulation of material significance (that which sustains human life) via synthetic finance displays mathematical significance in the virtual. This is an inquiry into a new discourse on economic value, transcending historical materialism, and lending itself to a virtual philosophy of materiality via an investigation of synthetic finance with a fundamental mathematical lens.


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